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Most Pet Friendly Wood Flooring

 Though a lot of insides experts are likely to suggest you shy away from timber flooring when you have pets, there are plenty of things you can do to be certain you may have both your pets and your favorite wood flooring! The largest problem with animals when it comes to wood floors is their claws and the harm they cause to the surface of the floor. Then there is the fact they're usually coming in and out of the home with a great level of regularity. When they do this, they are somewhat less likely than us people to wash their feet (or paws!) , and because of this, bring in a whole slew of dust and debris that increases the potential for damage. After scratching with claws and dust and dirt, if you are unlucky, you'll have the risk of fleas and pee mishaps to cope with. So, here is our checklist for pet-proofing your floors: Decide on a hardwood as opposed to a softwood. Hardwood will stand up to much more wear and tear than softwood and, although more expensive at the beginnin