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Most Pet Friendly Wood Flooring

 Though a lot of insides experts are likely to suggest you shy away from timber flooring when you have pets, there are plenty of things you can do to be certain you may have both your pets and your favorite wood flooring! The largest problem with animals when it comes to wood floors is their claws and the harm they cause to the surface of the floor. Then there is the fact they're usually coming in and out of the home with a great level of regularity. When they do this, they are somewhat less likely than us people to wash their feet (or paws!) , and because of this, bring in a whole slew of dust and debris that increases the potential for damage. After scratching with claws and dust and dirt, if you are unlucky, you'll have the risk of fleas and pee mishaps to cope with. So, here is our checklist for pet-proofing your floors:

Decide on a hardwood as opposed to a softwood. Hardwood will stand up to much more wear and tear than softwood and, although more expensive at the beginning, will continue longer in the end. The likes of walnut, ipe or walnut must stand up well to the challenges it will face in a pet-populated home.

Choose solid hardwood, not designed hardwood, because strong wood will allow you the luxury of sanding any deep scratches more frequently than engineered wood.

Make sure your flooring has a hard-wearing end to help defy the danger of scratching and damage from claws and filthy paws. While a lacquered finish includes a gloss coating, so to some extent, will appear scratches out of claws and claws, there is hardly any doubt that it is by far the most hard-wearing and the easiest to clean, because the dirt brought in from the friend's paws will remain on the surface. If you'd like an oiled finish to enable you to retain the natural look of the wood, then you need to find that the scratches seem less noticeable, but you could realize which you need to re-oil your flooring more regularly than those homeowners that don't have pets.

If it comes to little urine mishaps and fleas, it is vital, in both cases to act quickly. In actual fact, getting rid of fleas from your hardwood floor isn't too hard. All you'll want to do is vacuum thoroughly and keep doing so until there aren't any traces of flea left. You need vacuum because the lifecycle of this flea is comparatively long, thanks to the eggs which are laid by the living fleas, which then hatch and so on. Although clearing your flooring of fleas is comparatively straightforward, you will also have to remember to take care of your pet and to thoroughly vacuum, and where potential wash, your rugs and soft furnishings till they are flea-free.

For small urine injuries , again it is crucial that you act with speed. If at all possible, mop up the injury the moment it occurs and you will have little need for additional action. If, however, the injury happens either immediately or while you are outside, you might need a slightly more thorough cleaning regime. Here's the Way to go about it:

Cover the whole of the affected region with warm paper kitchen towels.

Spray the kitchen towels with hydrogen peroxide until they're completely soaked and then leave for a couple of hours.

Eliminate the kitchen paper and then pay the soaked area with baking soda to draw the moisture out and any remaining trace of urine scent from the floor.

After the floor looks dry, remove the baking soda and then leave the entire region to dry out completely.

If needed, lightly sand and re-finish the region if you find that the urine or your treatment has damaged the end.


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